Who are you calling a clod?

Yet another year and another set of resolutions to attempt to restore balance to a life which is currently remarkably lopsided. What this is NOT going to be, though, is a whinge-fest but a record of how successful (or not) I prove to be as I set myself the goal of putting the life back into my life.
The starting point is one where my job as a teacher in FE has pushed almost everything else (and the stuff that really matters) out to the distant verges, and where a mindset which accepts that the only time I’ll surface for air and normal human contact is during holidays has prevailed for too long. Not so much a ‘merged’ life – as Facebook CEOs refer to the blurring of work/life – but a submerged life, where each holiday the beautiful and the good look ever more blurry and indistinct, bruised through the lens of an eye which only measures and registers assessment criteria, wordcounts, reports and proformas.
My resolutions are simple ones but ones I will note here for the record, and then time will tell how well things go!
1. Start writing ‘Morning Pages’ – every morning, I wake up too early, my head spinning with ideas that then wear me out and increasingly stress me out as I realise that I won’t be able to do even half of them. Morning pages are supposed to give these thoughts shape, but must also serve as an editing button. And if the thoughts were worth acting on, they’ll still be there the next day/week/month to follow up.
2. Be more patient with those nearest and dearest, and don’t forget to show affection even when they’ve sorely pissed you off!
3. Don’t put off till tomorrow what I can do today. I am the world’s worst procrastinator, but so my own worst enemy when it comes to taking steps to improve my life. Great ideas but …do I trust them enough to put them into action? Ah, now, there’s the rub.
4. Identify a daily reward for doing a dull job. For me, this is likely to be MARKING! So rewards can come in all shapes, sizes and guises. Today’s reward for marking 3 A2 coursework drafts = starting this blog!
5. Commit to at least ONE yoga class a week, and learn to swim out of my depth.

And, so far, so reasonably good. Did the ‘Morning Pages’; awarded the reward for marking (as this proves!); got insurance for our new puppy (that’s only taken 5 weeks to achieve!); have checked the swimming times and identified that Saturday mornings look possible.
The only blot on my horizon is a decided lack of patience with ‘loved ones’…OK, I’m back on it. Deep breath, another swig of New Year‘s sherry, here goes….


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