Mother’s Day, 10th March


Good Thing No. 1: Luke’s luscious chocolate brownies

Up at 7.30 cleaning the kitchen, bringing me a pot of tea in bed, and then baking me brownies. Son no. 2 delivered my first good thing of the day, reminding me, of course, that he is one of the best things!

Good Thing No. 2: Walking the dog in snowy woods

We’d set out in cold, bleak rain, on a squabble about who was wearing whose wellies only to arrive at the local forest park to find the snow starting to come down. Icy cold, it nipped at our faces and cleared out our crossness.

Good Thing No. 3: Cooking the dinner with no work to do for the next day

Sundays are usually defined by the amount of marking or teaching prep that I have to do to get the week off to a start, and cooking the dinner in these circumstances is never a pleasure. But signed off from work, I find myself enjoying cooking food for my family, rejecting their offers of help with sincerity, and sending son no. 1 off to do the hoovering instead! He, of course, is another one of the best things.


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